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We have always pride ourselves by converting every client in our brand Ambassador eventually. When you deliver Result, people spread a word for you and that’s how Projectsdeal has been ROARING all along for the last 15 years!

We are clearly UK’s No.1 for many reasons:

  1. We are UK’s First company to Pioneering in Academic Help for Master’s Research Dissertations and PhD thesis, Established in 2001
  2. We are UK’s Biggest Team in size of staff. We have 600+ committed professionals and seasoned experts to deliver success to each one of our clients.
  3. With Clean and Flawless track record of maximum number of Merits and Distinctions delivered every quarter, we stand tall in owning your Results. Coz ultimately, Result is all that Matters!

We have recently been told by many of our loyal clients that there are 5 websites that are created to confuse buyers and mis guide them with fake rankings and reviews. Honestly, it doesn’t matter to us because we enjoy working with over 68.3% of entire UK Universities. People know and not only respect us but really we have been priviledged to have such kind of love and affection from entire students community. You can call it Luck, Hard work or just our sense of extreme responsibility that drives us to ensure we deliver you success!
Here are some facts that will make you laugh as well, enjoy!

List of Self-promoting Review Websites


Top Rated Websites as they says


Top Rated Websites as they says


Top Rated Websites as they says

Now, as we see all of this Review websites were essentially created to promote themselves

Scamadviser Screenshots

Let’s run a Scam check on this websites that are shown on top ranks!

You can see this Website is clearly shown as “RISKY”

We also recommend you can open the below link and check any website here, never buy without verifying.

Click here:

You can see this Website is new with hidden owner data

We also recommend you can open the below link and check any website here, never buy without verifying.

Click here:

You can see this Website is clearly shown as “RISKY”

We also recommend you can open the below link and check any website here, never buy without verifying.

Click here:

Now open any of this four website & it’s a same exact Calculator and exactly same second page. Just open once all 4 websites in different tabs and see for yourself!

They have essentially written wrong reviews on UK’s Most respected Companies like our’s

  1. Look when you search for help, Google Recommends us
  2. You visit our website
  3. Once you decide to buy, you check reviews
  4. Now you come on this Fake Websites and get mislead to there Top Recommendations
  5. You make a wrong buy!

Just open all this Review Websites and you can see Same websites with a slight change in user interface. Check them and you will laugh at this!!

We know that you have definitely heard about us many times from your University mates or your seniors. However, we would like to request your 5 minutes to take you through our hard earned achievements and respect the students community has for us!

FYI, Why Projectsdeal is UK’s Most Popular Dissertation Writing Company?

  1. Let’s run a check on projectsdeal? (Screenshot) As we can see Projectsdeal has highest score in Trustworthiness!
  2. We are Proud of the Fact that over 8000+ students across UK have publicly admired us on FaceBook! This is our real achivement
  3. Now let’s read the Reviews written on Public Platforms like SiteJabber review:

  4. Here are the Yell Reviews:
    Based on 53 reviews, Projectsdeal is rated 5 out of 5

  5. Projectsdeal UK Google reviews:,+Fastest+PhD+Thesis+Help+-+Projectsdeal+10+Upper+Bank+Street+London+E14+5GH&gws_rd=cr&dcr=0&ei=g6KqWqvEI6GevQTp1bmQCA#fpstate=lie&lrd=0x487602ba25d0d69b:0x7b1b2c07d6680571,1,,,


  1. Every single Public Platform has 5 star reviews on us
  2. All this Fake Review Websites created for self promotions have written reviews as they wish. That is created to mislead our buyers and redirect on there websites.

We continue to flourish & deliver success to each and every client to our best abilities! Thanks for reading and learning the facts. Appreciate your time!

To Your Success!


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