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Personal Statement Writing Services UK

"Projectsdeal," the premier personal statement writing and editing service in the UK, has supported numerous students in gaining admission to their desired universities by crafting exceptional personal statements tailored to their unique strengths and aspirations.

Irrespective of the academic programme you are pursuing, we are committed to elevating your personal statement to help you achieve your potential, leveraging our distinct array of writing and editing services. Our proficient team of personal statement writers, hailing from various backgrounds and experiences, possess the necessary expertise for a wide range of applications, ranging from undergraduate to PhD programmes in disciplines like zoology and archaeology.

Find the perfect service for you.

The Editing Service
For refining your statement to enhance its effectiveness and professionalism.

- Swift and efficient service.
- Remarkably straightforward.
- Reviewing and rectifying by subject-matter experts.
- A quick response.
- Amazingly easy.
- Examining and fixing.
- Written by subject-matter specialists.
- Perfect grammar.
- Suitable for UCAS or direct applications.
- Interaction with a professional writer in person.
- Choice for Multiple edit.
- Compatible with Zoom Consult.
- Suitable for the director's service.
- This service can be used to both domestic and international applications.
- Applicable to undergraduate, postgraduate, masters, or doctoral programs.

Standard Service
Delivered by the finest academic writers in the UK.

- Tailored content for you.
- An entirely original personal statement.
- Crafted by professional writers.
- Customized based on your responses to a questionnaire.
- Authored by subject-matter experts.
- A sincere and impactful statement.
- Suited for UCAS submissions.
- Shaped to align with your profile.
- Efficient and prompt delivery.
- A 7-day review period.
- Accessible for consultation via Zoom.
- Adhering to the director's service standards.
- This service can be used to both domestic and international applications.
- Available for undergraduate, postgraduate, master's, or doctoral programs.

The Oxford Service
Our premier level of support. Perfect for applicants to Oxford, Cambridge, or any other highly competitive program.

- The pinnacle of our services.
- An entirely original and meticulously edited resume.
- Content tailored specifically for you.
- Appropriate for undergraduate through doctoral level courses and university applications.
- Designed for those with ambitious aspirations, a first-class service.
- Perfect for aspiring Oxford University students.
- Boosts your confidence in your application.
- Specially designed for demanding courses.
- Tailored to you through a comprehensive questionnaire.
- Direct consultation with our Oxbridge-trained staff.
- Crafted by some of our most accomplished writers.
- Produced by professionals in the field.
- A 7-day review period.
- Swift, quality-focused service.
- Suitable for Zoom consultation.
- Adhering to the director's service standards.
- In addition to UCAS applications, this service is applicable for international applications.
- Available for undergraduate, graduate, master's, or doctoral programs.

The Health Service
Ideal for the upcoming generation of doctors.

- Our highest quality service.
- A freshly written, fully personalized personal statement.
- Content crafted specifically for you.
- Ideal for any medically-oriented course, including medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, etc.
- Exceptional service for those with ambitious medical career goals.
- Perfect for aspiring Oxford University students.
- Empowers you to submit a confident application.
- Customized for challenging courses.
- Tailored to you through a comprehensive questionnaire.
- Direct consultation with our team of medical graduates.
- Authored by our best writers with a medical background.
- Produced by professionals in the medical field.
- A 7-day review period.
- Swift service with a focus on quality.
- Suitable for Zoom consultation.
- Compatible with the director's service standards.
- This service is suitable for UCAS applications and international applications.
- Available for graduate, postgraduate, masters, or doctoral programs.

Writing and Editing Services for Personal Statements

If you need help writing your personal statement and are having trouble getting it started while trying to get accepted to a highly selective university or course, our specialised personal statement writing service is a perfect fit for your needs.

With our Standard Service, you have the chance to get a we create exceptional university personal statements that are entirely tailored to your profile, skilfully composed by our talented writing teams.

We make sure that this document contains all of your accomplishments, objectives, and reasons for studying using a specially created questionnaire, delivering an exceptional piece of work ready for submission to UCAS, whether it's for a Masters or undergraduate application.

Statements of Purpose

The single most crucial component of a college application, especially for programmes without interviews. It is the only chance you have to introduce yourself to the university of your dreams.

The good news is that "Projectsdeal" is your go-to resource for a comprehensive suite of personal statement writing services, connecting you with our expert writers to help you realise your academic ambitions. We boast some of the finest personal statement writers and editors in the UK.

University Personal Statements

We specialise in composing personal statements for university applications across a wide array of fields, from agriculture to Mandarin Chinese. Let us assist you in crafting the perfect UCAS statement tailored to your objectives.

Statements Made by Master's Students

There is no difference in the personal statements for masters. We have a variety of qualified writers available who are eager to learn more about your chosen subject and work with you to create the ideal master's personal statement. This guarantees that we write a master's personal statement that meets all requirements. They are adept at helping you structure and distil your thoughts into a compelling, persuasive statement tailored for your desired course and university. This guarantees you present a narrative that will leave a lasting impression on your dream university. We possess the knowledge of what's effective and what isn't when it comes to crafting a personal statement for a master's programme.

Personal Statements for Oxford and Cambridge Universities

It's imperative that your statement distinguishes itself from the competition in all aspects, particularly when applying to esteemed institutions like Oxbridge or highly competitive programmes. Through our top-tier Oxbridge Service, we go the extra mile to ensure your statement undergoes thorough research by a proficient expert, guaranteeing it achieves its utmost potential. You can have confidence in working with a writer who excels in their respective field and comprehends the specific qualities Oxbridge admissions tutors seek in applicants, ensuring you meet all the criteria.

Personal Statement for UCAS

With our assistance, advance your UCAS application. Everything a UCAS application requires will be covered in your personal statement. Your UCAS statement will be read by the appropriate audience with our help.

Editing Services by Projectsdeal

Students who have already written a statement can improve it with the help of Projects deal’s editing service.

With the help of our editing service, our team of skilled writers will carefully go over a draft of your paper, correcting any spelling or grammar errors, and give you specific advice on how to advance your original statement. Your writer will undoubtedly be an authority in the subject matter of your chosen course of study, ensuring that the feedback they provide is pertinent, perceptive, and extremely helpful.

Service for Reviewing Personal Statements

Setting your application apart from the competition is a personal statement review service. Our professionals offer a tested review service that is effective. Take advantage of a professional review service by letting us handle the review of your application.


The Most Common Questions Asked By Students

Q. What exactly constitutes a personal statement?
- A personal statement holds immense importance, serving as a critical piece of writing universities use to determine which students to admit to specific courses (usually within a maximum character count of 4000).

Q. What attributes do universities seek in a personal statement?
- Universities seek documents that showcase a deep understanding and keen interest in the subject matter. Additionally, they look for relevant work experience and the ability to effectively communicate thoughts and ideas.

Q. Why is it pivotal to create a compelling personal statement?
- Typically, this statement represents the sole opportunity a university has to acquaint itself with you. Consequently, crafting an outstanding statement is vital to leaving a lasting and positive impression.

Q. How may I assist with this statement?
- We offer a variety of services aimed at aiding students applying to universities, whether they require editing assistance or the support of one of our proficient writers.

Q. What must be contained?
- A strong personal narrative that includes your educational background, your reasons for choosing your course of study, any relevant experience you may have, and a brief summary of your life makes up a strong statement.

Q. Why use our writers for your personal statement?
- We are the top provider of university advice in the UK, and our team of subject-matter experts in every field has assisted thousands of students from around the world in Projects deal to the universities of their choice.


Our commitment

At Projectsdeal, we are committed to assisting graduate students complete their dissertations or Master’s theses and making their graduate school experience as positive and easy as possible. We will focus on your specific needs and deliver straightforward, honest and high quality dissertation writing help that will help you to earn your degree successfully. Each of the professional dissertation writers working at Projectsdeal is experienced in dissertation and thesis writing. They are also experienced coaches, statisticians and editors. Irrespective of when you commenced your graduate school, or the struggles you’ve been passing through to ensure you have a good dissertation, we will do all it takes to help you achieve your goal.


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