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Expert Primary Research Assistance

For your academic research, Projectsdeal can conduct a range of primary data collection using a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods. We can collect both numerical and non-numerical data.

Quantitative primary research – structured data collection using questionnaires and surveys

A thorough and affordable way to gather a lot of primary data that is both quantitative and qualitative is through questionnaires and surveys. Both questionnaires and surveys typically have straightforward layouts and are easily distributed to sizable populations of subjects. Additionally, they enable researchers to get concise responses to a variety of queries pertaining to their main research topic.

Most questionnaires have a straightforward layout, making it simple to distribute them to virtually any demographic group. They, therefore, provide a useful way for researchers to collect first-hand information in fields that would be challenging to access otherwise. For student’s at all academic levels, from A-Level to PhD, Projectsdeal provides a wide range of questionnaire services. Get in touch with us to learn how we can collaborate with you to create and distribute a survey or questionnaire.

Primary Quantitative Research in the Field

Fieldwork typically entails any task that requires the researcher to travel to the site of the research, which could be anywhere from pristine forests to hospital wards. The main benefit of fieldwork is that it puts the researcher in direct contact with the subject of their study. In terms of science, the raw data collected during fieldwork serves as the fundamental building block for validating or disproving the initial hypotheses generated during the research. It can add a great deal of value to any research collection.

The level of complexity and simplicity of field measurement and counting methods varies greatly. The method must take into account the statistical analysis techniques that will be applied to the data in the future, making the precise procedure one of the most crucial requirements. Repeat readings, randomization strategies, blocking, and control procedures are a few examples of such considerations.

Contact us if you have any questions about fieldwork of any kind, and one of our academic consultants will be happy to speak with you and discuss how we can be of assistance.

Interviews for Primary, Qualitative Research

Interviews are the most significant method of gathering primary data in the social sciences, second only to questionnaires.

Interviews can take place one-on-one between the interviewer and the subject or in groups of several subjects (a focus group). An interview's goal is to obtain in-depth responses to the candidate's prepared questions. In contrast to a questionnaire, which is typically completed quickly by a large number of respondents, an interview typically offers a greater level of incisive data collection.

Researchers at the forefront of their fields who are skilled in designing and conducting interviews of all kinds work for in a sizable network. We would be happy to assist you with any interview-related needs.

Focus Groups for Qualitative Primary Research

Focus groups are a type of qualitative research event in which a researcher arranges a gathering of several members of the public or of a specific demographic or professional group to talk about issues related to the project hypotheses.

The main benefit of a focus group over an individual interview is that responses are elicited through group interaction rather than by the interviewer's questions. In a focus group, one member's remark prompts another member to think differently, who then prompts yet another member with their response. This approach's spontaneity frequently results in engaging and unexpected responses.

One of our academic consultants would be happy to talk about the location, venue, type of group members required, etc. if you are interested in setting up a focus group.

Participant Observations in Qualitative Primary Research

Participants are observed during participant observations, which are research activities in which a researcher arranges for subjects from a particular demographic group, such as shoppers, smokers, or students, to be observed acting naturally in a specific specified activity.

The subject is unaware that they are being watched, which makes it possible to observe their behaviour in its natural setting. This is a major benefit of observation research. This kind of direct observation can therefore lessen or even eliminate many of the effects that skew other primary data collection methods.

We are aware that participant observations might be a new research technique to some people due to their relative novelty. Contact one of our academic consultants and let us know how we can help if you're interested in learning more.

Ethnographies Used in Qualitative Primary Research

Nearly all modern ethnography is based on fieldwork. In this kind of research, target users are typically observed in their natural settings rather than in a lab's controlled environment. Ethnographers may also use participatory appraisal techniques, as well as tape recorders, cameras, or video recorders, though detailed written notes are still the mainstay of fieldwork.

When an ethnographic study is necessary for your project, we can arrange for one of our researchers to carry it out on your behalf.


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